A responsible parent does not have to be perfect. Nobody is perfect. No kid is either flawless or flawed. When we establish our expectations, it is critical to keep this in mind.

Parenting begins once the baby is born. From that time onwards your life will start to change. Parenting will teach you sacrifice, responsibility, acting cool, being there for your precious in their ups and lows and a lot.

Being good at parenting is a great task. Loads of Patience is needed in parenting otherwise things can go wrong .Most important part is don’t set any expectations for your child. Treat them as an individual who has their own likes, dislikes and decisions. Don’t simply tell them what to do show them how you do things. Be a good example for them to learn.

Few things to remember:

  • Encourage open lines of communication so that your child may express himself and work through difficulties.
  • Genuinely communicate with your children, acting as an involved listener and refraining from using criticism or sarcasm.
  • set a positive example for kids to follow
  • Empower your child with a positive and strong outlook about themselves
  • Be there for your child’s mental and developmental stages
  • You will be your child’s first teacher. Teach them the great values of life
  • Set clear behavioural limits and responsibilities, and use encouraging, non-harsh positive disciplinary techniques.
  • Encourage family outings to build family connection and the creation of enduring memories.
  • Give them your support and unconditional love. Teach your child that even if they make mistakes or have characteristics that differ from yours, you will love them whatever the case may be.