Pregnancy to do list

Checklist for each trimester

Excitement, anxiety, curiosity, and worry are just a handful of good emotions you may feel if you’ve recently discovered you’re pregnant. It’s an exciting moment, but it can also be exhausting. You’ll need a pregnancy checklist to remain organised. We have got you covered.

We have explained trimester wise which will be helpful to all parents-to-be to be prepared

First Trimester (First 3 Months)

  • Arrange doctor appointments as advised by the hospital
  • Plan your diet. Make sure you take sufficient nutrients, fruits and vegetables
  • Drink plenty of water
  • If you or your partner have the habit of smoking it’s better to stop the habit for the good health of your baby
  • Make sure your body is active. Exercise regularly as per the doctor’s advice
  • Check your insurance details
  • Remember to take your supplements
  • Ensure all your doctor’s appointments scheduled in advance
  • Plan for the future. Raising a child is not that easy. Take care of the financial part
  • Remember to have your sweet moments between all the tension and excitement. Once your baby comes home you will hardly get time to spend your alone time.
  • If you are a working mom -to-be talk to your HR and check the leave policies. Plan accordingly
  • Time for shopping. Buy clothes that is comfortable for your growing body. Look for feeding friendly clothes.

Second Trimester (4,5,6 Months)

  • Start research on baby names. Make a list
  • Buy maternity bras since the size changes frequently
  • Moisturize your baby bump as it grows to stop itching
  • Moisturizing your body helps in reducing stretch marks after pregnancy
  • Exercise regularly
  • Prepare for the delivery. Learn more about new born care
  • Research on things you’ll need to buy after delivery
  • Learn about antenatal care
  • Take proper food, water and medicines as advised by the doctor

Third Trimester (7,8,9 Months)

  • Start shopping for the baby and mother
  • Buy baby napkins, towels, dry cloth, diaper (baby and mom), maternity clothes for mom, clothes for baby
  • Pre-book your room at the hospital to free from the hassle
  • Buy things that are essential for you
  • Prepare to take the big break from work
  • Prepare your hospital bag, make   a list of things that you should have in the bag
  • Take all necessary documents that is needed
  • Prepare and wait for the big day
  • Remember to check your list before leaving to the hospital

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